EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique with Adrienne McAllister
Emotional Freedom Technique with Adrienne McAllister


What is EFT?

Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT (also known as the Tapping Technique) is an energy therapy which can help dissolve and eliminate emotional, psychological and even some physical symptoms. By dissolving the pain of negative emotions, it can give you the impetus and confidence to move through blocks and obstacles in your life.

By simply tapping lightly on a short sequence of acupressure points around the head, face and upper torso, whilst at the same time focusing on a memory or current issue that brings up an unwanted or negative emotional response, it’s possible to permanently shift the brain’s reaction to a particular area of difficulty.

EFT isn’t a traditional “talk therapy” like counselling or psychotherapy. No analysis is involved. The main focus of the technique is on how the emotional problem – whatever it is – makes you FEEL. By using the tapping sequence whilst voicing the emotional and physical feelings the subject brings up for you rather than going into all the possible whys and wherefores behind it, emotional (and often physical) distress can be cleared, sometimes quite quickly.

You may also find yourself getting very helpful insights into the limiting beliefs that often underpin emotional problems as the tapping sequence brings relief and freedom from the problem.
EFT can bring about a welcome release to even long-standing problems and is helpful in finding relief from many symptoms including:
• Stress, Depression and Anxiety
• Negative Memories
• Fears and Phobias
• Physical Pain
• Grief and Loss
• Post Traumatic Stress Disorder ( PTSD)
• Anger and Resentment
• Emotional Pain and Distress
• Lack of Confidence, Lack of Self Esteem and Limiting Beliefs

EFT was developed by Gary Craig who describes it as a “form of emotional acupuncture, except we don’t use needles!”

Adrienne McAllister - Matrix Reimprinting

Matrix Reimprinting

What is Matrix Reimprinting? 

Matrix Reimprinting is an evolution of classic EFT and is the creation of world-renowned EFT Master and international EFT trainer Karl Dawson.
 The main difference is that we go back to the very source of where traumas began, when negative beliefs were established and negative vows were made.
We go back to the very beginning of the problem – to the energetic part of us that splits off in that trauma or negative thinking and what we made it mean to us in that moment. These traumas become stuck in our energy field and when triggered it is as if we are re-living the trauma again and again with the same intensity of emotion as if it were happening right now.

Based on the principles of quantum physics and the Universal Law of Attraction the beliefs that are formed during these traumatic events such as “I am not good enough” or “ I am unlovable” mean that we attract similar events into our lives to reinforce these beliefs until we do something about them.

These are the things that lock us in our current life and stop us being the best that we can be.

We can go back to the root of the trauma and use E.F.T. to bring resolution and move through that trauma of the past. When this is done, the image and information of that event is changed and viewed differently by the client and when they tune back in to the original event the reaction has also changed and the symptoms of trauma are no longer present.

People find that once this happens, their beliefs and the way that they see life totally changes and they start attracting more positive experiences and feel empowered to move forward and create the life of their dreams!

The beauty of Matrix Reimprinting is that it enhances the power of EFT to such an extent that it can clear many long-standing issues in fewer session that using EFT alone.

For further information on Matrix Reimprinting visit www.matrixreimprinting.com

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